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Tomi is an American neo-soul, jazz stylist/singer and songwriter. Bi-racial, raised in the south-central neighborhood of Los Angeles, called Watts.  Which she believes helped to inspire her towards an inward reflection and her talent. 

While attending the prestigious Hollywood Professional School, located at 5400 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, along with the passion to pursue her longstanding dream she left for New York at the age of 16 to sing backup with SKY KING, for two months to hone in on her studio session prowess.  After New York she returned to Los Angeles to audition as part of the backup group for the late great Mr. Solomon Burke where she and landed the gig and toured with the group for several months. 

Accompanied by music director, producer, and songwriter Greg Wright on keys, Peter Buck on drums, Chulo Gateway on bass, Solomon Hicks on guitar, and Cristian Mendoza on saxophone, she returned with the band to New York and proceeded to step out as the front vocalist for the performances there.  Asked to return to New York each year for the next 9 years. It was a blessing-run just before the pandemic.  

More inspired now than ever before since then. With treasured performances hanging on her belt that include “The Mint” in Los Angeles, Campus-Jax in Newport Beach, “The Queens Theater” in New York, and The Flushing Town Hall in Flushing, New York, The Alisal Ranch in Solvang, and The Ojai Resort in Ojai, California. 

Recalling back when she was 20 and Bobby Lyle” called her for a fast back-alley rehearsal she remembers him pulling out his boom box to turn his music on, she with one other backing vocalist, they learned his song on the spot IN THE ALLEY! LOL! Just before he was to stage.  Precious memories indeed.

Bassist, Jacob Webb & Chulo Gatewood, Drums, Peter Buck, Guitarist/Solo King Solomon Hicks, Sax, Carlos Mendoza, Keys/Music Director Greg Wright, Moye & Cheryl Rene on backbone vocals.  The band she's with are each artist in their own space and she credits them for the blessings they offer whenever they come together for a hit. 

The Woman Named Tomi brings her own musical smoothness on the heels of some raunch, and although, married to one of the coldest platinum and gold awarded music producer legends of our time ~ she states clearly, she wants her own artistry to be taken seriously, so she’s not cruising on anyone else’s laurels, and especially her man’s. 


  • Locally every Sunday: FAITH UMC; 10:00 AM SERVICE - 108TH & WESTERN BLVD, LOS ANGELES
  • MAY 18, 2024: The Steven McCann Show; Campus Jax 3950 Campus Dr, Newport Beach, CA