~ Video at Catalina's with friend “Brenda Lee Eager” 

"Arrangement of “Broken Hearted Melody”, outstanding idea singing it here in Spanish. "

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so… some have said…

"She has a three-octave promiscuity of range; she packs more personal dynamic power than some of the greats!"” - "The Galvan"
"The Woman Named Tomi" simply exquisite in every form and especially in her writing. With a voice of a woman that has been to quite a few places in the world, places I would've loved to have gone with her to. That's what her lyrical writing does for me along with her delivery and interpretation of each and every song."” - Phil Saa
"If you haven't heard her song entitled, "Can't quiet my Joy". Do yourself a favor and take a listen." ” - -unknown

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