The Woman Named Tomi and the band formed in Los Angeles with a fabulously seasoned lineup of solo artist in their own rightful flight.  

Bassist, Jacob Webb; Peter Buck on drums, Guitarist/Solo King Solomon Hicks, and on sax, Carlos Mendoza, led by Greg Wright on keys and music director.  

“The Woman Named Tomi” Stylist/singer, writer, and performer with a sultry style full that got a mix of neo-soul, funk along with a bit of pop, and some real cool jazz stylings.  “The Woman Named Tomi” brings her own musical smoothness on the heels of some raunch, and although, married to one of the coldest music producer legends of current times she states clearly, she wants her own artistry to be taken seriously, so she’s not cruising on anyone else’s distinction, and especially her man’s.   


Background video at Catalina's with friend “Brenda Lee Eager” Arrangement of “Broken Hearted Melody”, outstanding idea singing it here in Spanish. 

The woman named tomi

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